What we believe

We believe nothing new.

We believe what Christians have believed for nearly 2000 years.

Basically, we believe that Jesus Christ is a big deal: he is the one God and the purpose of his life, death and resurrection was a rescue mission for us.  And that changes everything for us.

In fact, if it’s true it changes everything for everyone.

Our foundation as a church is that the God of the Bible is real.  The Bible is quite simply God’s biography through which he shows himself to us.  That is why we seek to let the Bible shape our views about God, ourselves and the world.  But for us, being followers of Jesus is just as much about how we live our lives.  We find that God, by his spirit, gives us real power to change.  But when we don’t live as we intend we still know complete forgiveness and freedom in Jesus, which is incredibly liberating.  Our purpose as a church is to help people love Jesus more and more, because we have found that to be true life.  It is the best thing for people, and it pleases God!

Please do read our understanding of the core beliefs of all Christians, and also certain distinctives in our beliefs which we realise other Christians may in good conscience have other perspectives on.